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We believe in the Power of Mushrooms. The Magical Mushroom Hub, a Magical Mushrooms Co., specializes in Everything Mushrooms, fresh, dried, canned and other, if you are looking for it, there is a likely chance that we have it, or we can source it for you. Our mission is to promote the Power of Mushrooms as we believe the power of healing is in the food we eat. Delicious & Nutritious is our motto. We believe that your refrigerator should be your medicinal cabinet.

To know that a 100 grams of Maitake mushrooms contains 280% of your daily Vitamin D requirement is Power beyond any pill can offer. Natural, Wild, Organic powered by Water and the miracle of our Mother Earth.

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We work with local farmers and foragers in specific areas of our planet to bring you the best our Earth and knowledge can provide. Our products are sometimes higher in cost, but our quality assures its worth.

If you cannot find it on our website, send us an email and let’s start a conversation. The Power of Mushrooms is a movement of back to the nature. Join our Team of Supporters, the Shroomsters by signing up to our mailing list.

Maitake mushrooms have 280% of Vitamin D
per 100g of serving.

// denis vidmar / head shroomster
October 9th 2018