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Potassium, Banana or Mushroom?

Potassium, Banana or Mushroom?

Marketing is a tool that educates those too busy to do their own research. It is everywhere and it has the power to change a mind, perspective, needs, name it. It is in everything we do and it guides most of us more than we think or know. The power of the psychology of marketing is based on research that only a few industries tap into, and those that do, are leading the way in thought, and that includes some that should not lead at all.

Mushroom industry requires this awakening. To be part of a product that adds such value to human life, nutrition, well-being, and not spread the word of its goodness in the purest essence that it provides is hard to see amongst us that know and learn more every day. I always say, I do not know everything about Mushrooms, but every day I know more. And our industry is being given a boost by institutions across the world, and many have nothing to do with Mushrooms, but they are showcasing the power that Mushrooms present.

I see our lack of frontier by other foods that we eat. The ones that promote the "excellent source of.." tag lines and for someone that eats Mushrooms daily, I sometimes get offended that the product that I love and hold dear to my heart does not get the recognition that it deserves as Mushrooms could hit most of these products out of the park with the goodness that they provide. Every variety loaded with different goodness that bring us health in its purest essence deserved. Yes, Mushrooms are the only product in any Produce section with natural Vitamin D. But it is not only in Vitamin D that we rule. There are other facts.

Potassium is one of the big ones. In schools, posters, bus stations, social media marketing, Potassium and Bananas are best friends. Think of Bananas, think of Potassium, yet Mushrooms have more of it. And with each variety that we examine, we find more goodness.


Yes, Portabella Mushrooms have more Potassium than a Banana. Why do we not promote that? What is even more striking is that Enoki Mushrooms have equal or more Potassium than a Portabella, and why aren't the Enoki producers firm in this acknowledgement to say - Hey! We are Potassium. Banana's are cool, they're funky, but Enokis are even funkier and so versatile.

And this is just Potassium. What about Protein? Iron? Sugars? Calcium? Calories?..the list goes on.

Mushrooms across the board, beat many of the foods outlined today as the "Best Source of.." products, yet we fail to outline it as an industry. And we can. We have the ability and the Power to do so, and we should. We should control our narrative of truth and fact.

So today, when you're thinking about nutrition, think Mushrooms.

I believe Mushrooms should be eaten with every meal consumed. Every dish can utilize a different variety of Mushrooms to enhance a dish in so many different ways. I use Enoki's as noodles for my Vegan soups. Versatile. Delicious. Nutritious. So yes, I am proud to say that I get my Potassium from Enoki's.

Believe in the Power of Mushrooms!

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[Denis Vidmar is a Shroomster that believes and promotes The Power of Mushrooms.]

Immune Modulation From Five Major Mushrooms: Application to Integrative Oncology

Immune Modulation From Five Major Mushrooms: Application to Integrative Oncology