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Reishi Spores Blend

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Reishi Spores Blend

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Super Food Blends Reishi Spores

Immunity / Longevity / Adaptogenic

Net weight: 1.76OZ / 50grams

25 servings per container

Upgrade your favourite drink, smoothie, or food. Start with a small teaspoon a day.


  • At the end of the reishi mushroom growth cycle, reishi produces spores which are like tiny microscopic seeds which contain the essence of this mushroom.

  • High in triterpenes that have adaptogenic properties.

  • Nutty and earthy flavour. You can use it to upgrade your drinks, smoothies, cooking or baking.

  • 98% cell-wall cracked for better bioavailability.

  • Vegan, Whole30, GMO-free and no additives or preservatives.

  • Each bag contains 25 dosages.

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